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Cultural Exchange in Literary Circles: Dialogue between Chinese and European Writers of Contemporary Literature

Shanghai, Suzhou

Dace Vigante

Events: When Less is More: The Beauty and the Brawn of Short Fiction, Summoning the Writer’s Muse, The Three Rules for Writing, Our Writing Lives

Dace Vigante is from the Latvian town of Jurmala by the Baltic Sea, where she has lived since her birth in 1970. She first worked as a designer and a tailor, before turning her hand to the legal profession, working as a lawyer for many years. As a writer, she received the Special Jury award in 2015 for the stories The First Story and Parchelium of Moon. Her collection of short stories The Frozen Orange was nominated for The Latvian Literature Award 2017 as a brightest debut, and also for the Latvian TV and Radio Award, and was awarded a prize from parents of children and teenagers in 2018. She had a story included in the Short Fiction from Latvia anthology, which will soon be translated into other languages. Her latest story collection called Let’s See will come out later this year. Several of her stories have been translated into English and Chinese.

Shanghai, Suzhou

Indrek Hargla

Events: When Less is More: The Beauty and the Brawn of Short Fiction, Diversity and Depth, Literature: A Spotlight on Society’s Soul, Characters Keep the Pages Turning

Indrek Hargla, born in 1970, has been a freelance author since 1999 when he sold his first science fiction novella. He has won the Estonian Science Fiction Award 17 times, and has published four short fiction collections of science fiction and horror. He is best known domestically and internationally as a writer of the Apothecary Melchior medieval crime novels, which now run to six volumes and have been translated into French, Finnish, Hungarian, Latvian, English and German. He was awarded the Honorary Award from the Finnish Society of Crime Fiction, and the Honorary Medal from the town of Caunes-Minervois, France, among other awards. He has written several stage plays and TV screenplays, which have been successful in many European countries. He is currently writing the 7th book in the Apothecary Melchior series and writing scipts for major movies based on the first two books in the series, which will hit the screens in 2020 and 2021.


Teng Xiaolan

Events: When Less is More: The Beauty and the Brawn of Short Fiction, A Novel Approach: Experimenting with Language and Style

Teng Xiaolan was born in Shanghai in 1976. Her books Moonlight in the City, Fairy Tales, and Sapphire Ring have been adapted into film and television works. Other works include Ten Roses, This Lawless Love, Love in the Big City, The Woman Who Dances Under the Stars, The Rules of Life, The Shanghai Film, The Four Lines, Moonlight in the City, Pearl of the Sea and Wind by the Wind. Some of her work has been translated into English and Polish. The novelette Beautiful Day won the sixth Lu Xun Literature Prize. She was selected as one of the “Four Groups” of talented and cultural masters by the Central Propaganda Department in 2014. Her other awards include the first Fairview Award, the Shanghai Literature Award, October Young Writer of the Year Award, Beijing Literature Novel Monthly Award, Novel Monthly Flower Award, the Yangtze River Literature Excellent Work Award and the Top 20 Members of the Future.

Shanghai, Suzhou

Zhu Wenying

Events: When Less is More: The Beauty and the Brawn of Short Fiction, Finding Truth in Fiction, Cultivating the Story Craft

The works of author and Shanghai native Zhu Wenying - including Aunt Lily's Small Nambang, Madam Dai and Blue, and High Heels - have been published in numerous journals and anthologies. Some of her stories have been translated into English, French, Japanese, Russian, German, and Korean. Her short story, Ephemeral Life, was published in the 2005 Blood Ties: Writing Across Chinese Borders issue of MANOA, the literary journal of the University of Hawaii Press. In 2014, Zhu Wenying received the Annual People's Literature Prize. Her peers have expressed appreciation for her work’s “renewal of a refined sensibility characteristic of Southern China”. She currently serves as Vice Chairperson of the Suzhou Writers Association and also works as an art curator and critic.    

Shanghai, Suzhou

Aleš Šteger

Events: To a Poet Nothing can be Useless, Why We Write, Poetry: A Painting that is Felt Rather than Seen, Book Launch: Aleš Šteger and the Chinese version of Berlin. With the Publisher East China Normal University Press

Aleš Šteger is a poet and prose writer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. His work has been widely translated and has appeared in internationally renowned magazines and newspapers as The New Yorker, Boston Review, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, TLS and many others. The Bavarian Academy of Arts awarded him with the International Bienek Prize for Poetry in 2016 calling him “one of the most original European poets writing today”. Among other prizes and honours his English translation of The Book of Things won two major U.S. translation awards (BTBA award and AATSEL). He received the title Chevalier des Artes et Lettres from the French state and is a member of the Berlin Academy of Arts. Aleš was the first international Writer in Residence at the Chinese Research Center of Capital Normal University in Beijing in 2014, and he has also lectured at Sichuan University. Aleš's work reaches out to various fields of artistic expression. He has worked in the field of visual arts, and has had several collaborations with musicians and film directors. In Chinese translation, IPPH Publishing house in Beijing published his poetry collection Einstein’s Tower in 2014. His prose book Berlin will be published in Chinese translation in Spring 2018 by East China Normal University Press.

Shanghai, Suzhou

Jaime Santirso

Events: To a Poet Nothing can be Useless, Reading Like a Writer, Words Across Borders, Our Writing Lives

Jaime Santirso García (Gijón, 1990) is a Spanish journalist and writer. He received a BA in Journalism from University of Navarra (2013) and LLM in International Relations from Tsinghua University (2016). Since 2014 he has been based in Beijing, where he works in the tech field and also reports on international politics for RNE, Spanish national radio. His interests include poetry, fiction and photography. Encuentro (Ediciones TREA), his first book of poetry, was published in 2018.


Mu Ye

Events: To a Poet Nothing can be Useless

Mu Ye, formerly known as Liu Jiangtao, was born in Beijing in 1974. He graduated from the history department of Fudan University and then worked as a teacher, journalist, and editor. Now he works in Shanghai Culture magazine. In 2006, he was awarded the Poetry Review Award of the China Times Literary Awards. His poems are found in Poetry Periodical, Poetry Monthly, People's Literature, Beijing Literature, etc. Some of his poems have been published in the Fudan Poetry Selection and The Ties of Poetry: Selected Poems of China and Russia. He has also published an essay collection, a book on literary commentary, and a thematic interview collection he is working on will be published in the middle of this year.


Zhang Dinghao

Events: To a Poet Nothing can be Useless

Zhang Dinghao, born in 1976 in Anhui, is a poet and literary critic. He is currently Deputy Chief Editor of Shanghai Culture magazine. His published works include the poetry collections I Love Everything that is not Complete and Things, and his essays on literary criticism, such as Just See a Gentleman: Poems and People in Past Times, Eros and Sadness, and Professional and Amateur Novelists.

Shanghai, Suzhou

Christian Y. Schmidt

Events: Quarrying for Ideas, Finding Truth in Fiction, Words Across Borders, Book Presentation: Christian Y. Schmidt and the Chinese version of Allein unter 1,3 Milliarden.

Christian Y. Schmidt (born 1956) is a German author who spends more time living in Beijing than in Berlin. He studied psychology, literature, history and philosophy in Trier and Bielefeld and served for many years as an editor of the German satirical magazine Titanic. His first book, a biography of the then German Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer, (1998) was a major success in Germany. In 2008, he published a book about his travels through China called Allein unter 1,3 Milliarden (“Alone Among 1.3 Billion”), which made the Spiegel’s bestseller list. This book was also published in Chinese as 独自在13亿人中 at Central Compilation & Translation Press (2010).  In his just released debut novel Der letzte Huelsenbeck (The Last Huelsenbeck; April 2018), Schmidt sends his protagonists on a mysterious journey between Hong Kong, Berlin and Mexico, at the end of whose tortuously convoluted paths lies a solution nobody would have expected.

Shanghai, Suzhou

Colombe Schneck

Events: Quarrying for Ideas, Getting in the Groove: Building Creative Habits, Book Launch: Colombe Schneck and the Chinese version of Le reparation with publisher Shanghai 99

Colombe Schneck is a French writer and director of documentary films. Before becoming a writer, she graduated from Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris and later spent fifteen years as an anchorwoman for Canal Plus, France TV and Radio France. She is the author of nine books of fiction and non-fiction, and has received prizes from the Académie Française, Madame Figaro and the Society of French Writers, as well as having been short-listed for the Renaudot, Femina, and Interallié prizes. She has directed four documentary films and is currently writing her first feature film. Her books include L’increvable Monsieur SchneckVal de Grâce, Une femme célèbre, Mai 67 and La reparation. La reparation has been translated into Italian, Polish, German, Lithuanian and Dutch, and Shanghai 99 publishers have just released a Chinese-language edition.  


Huang Dehai

Events: Quarrying for Ideas

Huang Dehai, born in 1977, is a native of Pingdu, Shandong Province and currently lives in Shanghai. He is the deputy editor-in-chief of Sinan Literary Selection, an editor of Shanghai Culture, and a research fellow at the China Modern Literature Museum. He is the author of The Book Has Been Read Late in This Life, The Clay Hand Gift, If You Will Fly but Fail to Fly, Personal Manuscripts, the translator of The Growth of The Small Pepper, and the editor of the anthology The Book is Finished, and so on. He has won the Southern Literary World Award for Outstanding Essays in 2015 and 2015 Youth Critics Award.


Xue Shu

Events: Quarrying for Ideas, A Novel Approach: Experimenting with Language and Style

Xue Shu is a member of the national committee of Chinese Writers Association, and a member of the Bureau of Shanghai Writers’ Association. She has published works in top-tier literature journals including Harvest, October, People’s Literature, Chinese Writers and Shanghai Literature. She has been awarded the People’s Literature Award, Beijing Literature/Novelette Award and Shanghai Literature Award. She published three collections of stories including Looking for Jacob, Leaving at the Crack of Dawn, and Fly across the Sky of Yunnan. Her best-known works are the novels Ruined Town and Divining, and the non-fiction title A Man Fading Away. Some of her work has been translated into English and Polish.  

Shanghai, Suzhou

Gavin Corbett

Events: Global Writers, Local Stories, Writers of the World, Literature: A Spotlight on Society’s Soul, A Novel Approach: Experimenting with Language and Style

Gavin Corbett is from Dublin, Ireland. He is the author of three novels: Innocence (2003), This Is the Way (2013) and Green Glowing Skull (2015). This Is the Way was named Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year in 2013. He has been writer-in-residence at Ireland's two most prestigious universities, Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. The Guardian newspaper has described him as “one of the most refreshing novelists writing today” and his writing as provoking “intellectual and aesthetic exhilaration that is seldom induced by contemporary Anglophone prose”.

Shanghai, Suzhou

Noémi László

Events: Global Writers, Local Stories, Reading Like a Writer, Poetry: A Painting that is Felt Rather than Seen, Language and Literature

Noémi László was born a Hungarian in Cluj, Romania, in 1973. She majored in Hungarian and English at the Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj in 1996. Her first volume of poetry was published in 1995. She has written five volumes of poetry for adults and four books for children since. She works as an editor for the Hungarian literary review Helikon based in Cluj and teaches creative writing at the Department of Communication of the BBU, CJ. In 2011, she received a PhD in Modern English Literature at Budapest Eötvös Loránd University. She also translates poetry and prose from Romanian and English into Hungarian, works as a freelance interpreter and runs occasional half-marathons. Noémi László was awarded the József Attila prize in 2010.


Pan Xiangli

Events: Global Writers, Local Stories, Summoning the Writer’s Muse

Pan Xiangli is a Shanghai-based novelist, doctor of literature and a newspaper editor. Her novels include White Lotus, Without Dreams, Ten Year Cup, Delta, I Love the Cello and Female Boss. She has also written essays on tea culture and the study of ancient poetry. Her novels have featured five times on the Chinese Novel List (sponsored by the Chinese Society of Novels, 2002-2007), and won the fourth Lu Xun Literature Award, the Tenth Zhuang Wen Wen Literature Award, the Fifth Bing Xin Prose Prize, and the Fifth Session Prose awards, among other national literary awards. Her stories have been translated into many languages including English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Greek. Her story collection White Michelia has been published in English.


Lu Nei

Events: Global Writers, Local Stories, Our Writing Lives

Lu Nei, born in Suzhou in 1973, now lives in Shanghai. He is a member of Shanghai Writers Association and the Chinese Writers Association. His novels include Young Babylon, A Tree Grows in DaiCheng and Compassion. He won the annual Novelist of the Chinese Language Media Awards, amongst other awards. Some of his works have been translated into English.

Shanghai, Suzhou

Halina Pawlowská

Events: Writers of the World, Diversity and Depth, Cultivating the Story Craft, Characters Keep the Pages Turning

Halina Pawlowská (born 1955) is a successful Czech screenwriter, short story writer, journalist and editor. She has worked as a screenwriter and show presenter for Czech television. Born in Prague, Halina attended a local grammar school before studying dramaturgy and scriptwriting at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts where she graduated in 1981. She then worked as a screenwriter for Czech Television, took part in various entertainment programmes, and later became a presenter. She has also been a columnist or editor for various Czech newspapers and journals. Now one of the Czech Republic's most successful writers, her short stories and television series are often based on her world of young adults with amusing interpretations of love or chaotic marriages.


Yao Emei

Events: Writers of the World

Yao Emei was born in 1968 and she began to write in 1999. Her main novels include As High As The Sky, Ximenpo and 1958·Old Love Letter, and her novella collections include Picking Beans and A Spicy Solution. Her literary works for children include Slanted Sky and I am a Genius. She has won the People's Literature award, the Selection of Novella award, and the Shanghai Literature Excellent Novella Award. Some of her works have been translated into English, Russian, German, Japanese and Korean, etc.  


Zhou Jianing

Events: Writers of the World, Language and Literature

Zhou Jianing is a fiction writer and literary translator. She has published seven novels and two short story collections. Her most recent short story collection Basic Beauty, is published this year. She has translated into Chinese works of some major English-language writers such as Flannery O’Connor and Joyce Carol Oates.



Events: Reading Like a Writer, Characters Keep the Pages Turning

btr is a writer, contemporary art critic, and translator of English literature living in Shanghai. He has published, among others, Shanghai: Notes on City Life, Bizarre Stories, Mini Stories and Petite Mort. His translations include Paul Auster’s The Invention of Solitude and Winter Journal, and M&C Saatchi’s Brutal Simplicity of Thought. He was the curator of Get it Loud art festival (Literature section) in Beijing in 2012 and photo exhibition CITEMA by Zhu Hao at 10 Corso Como Shanghai in 2016. His writings on urban life, literature, film and contemporary art have appeared in, among others, e-magazine of Goethe Institut, Modern Weekly, LEAP, Artforum and Timeout Shanghai. He is the founder of online magazine Petite Mort (since 2014).


Mao Jian

Events: Reading Like a Writer

Mao Jian is a Professor at East China Normal University. Her specialties are Chinese Cinema and modern and contemporary Chinese Literature. Prof. Mao received her Ph.D. in Literature from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is also a columnist in multiple magazines and newspapers in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. She has published twenty books including Notes on Film, When the World Turns Right, A Slow Smile, Either With You, Or Without You, This Is It, After All These Years, Exceptions, Forever and Three a Half Seconds, The Tiger in the Bathroom, and Short Night, Long Dream.

Shanghai, Suzhou

Svet Di Nahum

Events: Summoning the Writer’s Muse, Getting in the Groove: Building Creative Habits, Cultivating the Story Craft, Language and Literature

Svet Di Nahum was born in 1970 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is a graduate of the Department of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University, USA. He has published short stories in numerous literary magazines in Bulgaria and throughout Europe, and his work has been translated into English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Turkish, Macedonian, Spanish, and French. His fiction has appeared in US literary magazines such as Drunken Boat, Gloom Cupboard, Danse Macabre, and Audience and in HCE Magazine in the UK. Svet Di-Nahum is the author of The Wolf's Howl (Short Novel, 1994), The Unicorn in Captivity (Collection of Short Stories, 2007), RAPTUS (Novel, 2009) Nicola Against Nicola (Short Novel & Screenplay, 2012), The Doctrinaire (Novel, 2015), and The Hangman and the Clown (Stage Play, 2017). RAPTUS was a nominee for the Elias Canetti National Literary Award and was subsequently published in the United States by Hammer & Anvil Books (Las Vegas, 2013) with film options. It is also published in Russia. With his essay, Solidarity Restarted he won the Essay Competition for World Noble Peace Prize Laureates 2013 in Warsaw (and the Lech Walesa Foundation). He also won the BTV competition for his sitcom Home Arrest. He is a member of Bulgarian Union of Writers and Press secretary for PEN Center Bulgaria.  


Xia Shang

Events: Summoning the Writer’s Muse

Xia Shang – a novelist, a representative writer of post-avant-garde literature in China, and a graphic designer – was born in Shanghai in 1969. He is the author of the novel East Coast Chronicle, The Lazarus Child’s Wandering, Taxidermist and Bare Undead. Four volumes of Xia Shang Selected Works and a nine-volume Xia Shang Fiction Series have also been published. Now he lives in Shanghai and New York.

Shanghai, Suzhou

José Luís Peixoto

Events: Why We Write, Finding Truth in Fiction, The Three Rules for Writing, A Novel Approach: Experimenting with Language and Style

José Luís Peixoto (1974) is one of Portugal's most acclaimed contemporary novelists. He has received several Portuguese and international literary awards, such as the Jose Saramago Literary Award in 2001 (best novel published in all Portuguese speaking countries in the two previous years), Libro d'Europa (best novel published in Europe in 2012) and Oceanos Literature Award (best novel published in all Portuguese speaking countries in 2015). His novels are translated into 26 languages.


Xiao Bai

Events: Why We Write, Our Writing Lives

Xiao Bai, a member of the Shanghai Writer’s Association, took up writing in the strict sense in 2005. He has published two novels, Game Point and French Concession, which has been sold into many markets abroad, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Holland. He also published a novella, The Agent Mr. Xu, which won the 10th Shanghai Literature Award; and two anthologies of essays, Erotic Hamlet and Acting vs Peeping. Erotic Hamlet captured a comic touch in ancient and contemporary erotic texts as well as images, which was brought to full play by forging an academic narrative in an ironic way. It won 2009 Book of Year, organized by New Weekly.


Zou Zou

Events: Why We Write, Language and Literature

Zou Zou – a professional literary editor, and a self-professed amateur story-teller – is the author of a number of novels. She believes that language is the most essential element in literature and focuses much attention on the sophistication of human nature and motives.


Li Dewu

Events: Getting in the Groove: Building Creative Habits, Words Across Borders

Li Dewu, born in 1963, is a poet and literary critic. His poems and essays were first published in 1984. His collections include A Chokey Clock and A Collection of Li Dewu’s Poems and Essays. A cooperative book Selected Poems of Nine Poets, which features his work, was published in 2000. From 1980 to 2002 he lived in Harbin. He now lives in Suzhou. With regard to poetry and translation, he says: “Poems are the spiritual reflections of poets. Writing poems is to explore the void in the secret heart. With regard to the truth, poetry doesn’t need verification. One word is one spiritual being. Translation is not to transfer a word but to wake up another soul in another language. I will not deride the accuracy of translation. But if my poem can give a new life to an English word, even though it is not my original idea, I would also feel delighted and inspired.”


Xiao Hai

Events: Getting in the Groove: Building Creative Habits, Poetry: A Painting that is Felt Rather than Seen

Xiao Hai, born in 1965 in Jiangsu Hai'an, is a contemporary Chinese poet. His real name is Tu Haiyan, and he graduated from the Chinese Department of Nanjing University. His poetry collections include Must Bend to the Weeds, Village, Pastoral, North Linghe, The Great Qin Empire (Poetic Drama), The Song of Shadows (Long Poem) – which is also in an English-Chinese bilingual edition – Boys and Girls (Xiao Hai's poetry 1980-2012); Dialogue recording The Unfamiliar Friend: Ilan Stavans and Xiao Hai's Dialogue; and the Essay Collection Old Dream Record. His works were listed in the Beijing Literature 1998 list of contemporary Chinese literary works. He has won many other awards over the years, such as the 2000 poetry award in Writer magazine, the Tianwen Poets Award in 2012, the Beautiful Island Poet Laureates Award in 2015 and 2016, the 1st Prize of the 5th "Changjiang Cup" Jiangsu Literature Review Award, the 2nd, 4th and 5th Zijin Mountain Literature Prize of Jiangsu Province, and the Ye Shengtao Literature Prize of Suzhou City. He now lives in Suzhou.


Tao Wenyu

Events: Diversity and Depth, Poetry: A Painting that is Felt Rather than Seen

Tao Wenyu, born in 1963, is from Suzhou. He is a poet, writer, painter, member of the Chinese Writers Association, a “national first level author”, and editor of Suzhou Magazine. His poetry collections include Trojan Horse Rider and his essay collections include Taihu Memories and Suzhou Flavour.


Fang Wei

Events: Diversity and Depth

Fang Wei was born in Binzhou, Shandong and has a Ph.D. in literature. He is a professor of liberal arts in Suzhou University, a visiting scholar of Soochow University in Taiwan, and is a member of the Chinese Writers Association. He has published dozens of stories in many major journals, including Harvest, Flower City, October, TianYa and Contemporary. In 2016, his work Chinese Savage was selected into the 2016 Chinese Fiction Rankings. He is the author of six academic works, including the Wang Xiaobo Biography, and several novels. He won the Zijin Mountain Literature Award winner for his novel, The Age of Heroes.


Lin Zhou

Events: Finding Truth in Fiction

Lin Zhou (real name in Chen Lin) is a writer, a Professor of Literature at Suzhou University and vice-chair of Literary Critics Association of Suzhou. His books include The Fans, Dust Particles Summoned by their Deity, Cub of the Facts – News Textual Study under the New Narrative Perspective, Fission and Transformation of Literature Space and The Ferry of Life – Interviews of Chinese Contemporary Vanguard Writers.    


Ai Wei

Events: The Three Rules for Writing

Ai Wei is one of the representative writers born in the 1960s in China. Vice Director of the Zhejiang Writers’ Association, his works include the novels The Sun is Shining, Comrade Lover, Lover is Guilty, Off-road Race, Midsummer and The South; and the short story collections Country Movies, The Sound of the Water, Ladies, Prisoners of War, The Universe Speaks to Me and Ai Wei Works in Five Volumes. His works mainly focus on the "darkness and humbleness of life essence" as the object of the narrative. He has won the Literature Award offered by the periodical Contemporary, two annual awards from People's Literature, the Chunshen Original Literary Novel of the Year Award, and his works have topped the Chinese novel society's Annual Novel List many times.


Qiao Ye

Events: The Three Rules for Writing

Qiao Ye, born in 1972, originally from Xiuwu County Henan province, now serves as the Vice Chair of Henan Province Writers Association, and full committee member of China Writers Association. She has published several novels, such as Confession, Building Demolition and Collection of Bead; as well as novelettes and short stories, such as The Slowest Is Being Alive, Lighter, Get Warm, and Aphasia, most of which have been selected in the annual ranking of Chinese novels. She has won the People's Literature Prize, the Chinese Literature Award, the Solemn Literature Award, the Beijing Literature Award, the Brocade Literature Prize, the Yu Dafu Novel Prize, the Du Fu Literary Prize, the Novel Monthly Report Hundred Flowers Award and the Chinese Original Novel Annual Award. Her works have been translated into English, Spanish, Russia, Italian, Egyptian, Mexican, Japanese, Korean and other languages.  


He Ping

Events: Literature: A Spotlight on Society’s Soul

He Ping is a professor and doctoral tutor of the College of Arts at Nanjing Normal University and a famous literary critic. He is the author of The Essay, He Ping Literary Review, The Life of an Unknown Person, The Dignity of Reconstructing Prose, and so on. He won the Shanghai Literature award, and the Contemporary Writers Review award, among others. In 2017, he started hosting the "Flower City Concern" section of "Flower City," introducing newcomers to the literary field in the form of one topic per issue.


Huang Yongmei

Events: Literature: A Spotlight on Society’s Soul

Huang Yongmei was born in the 1970s and her work has been widely published in leading literary journals including People's Literature, Flower City, Zhongshan, Harvest and October. Many of her works have appeared in collections such as Fiction Monthly, Selection of Novellas and Selection of Novels. Her novels include A Serious One, Invisibility, Master's Weiwei and Walking Sweet. She has won the October Literary Award, The People's Literature Newcomer Award, The Zhongshan Literature Prize, The Lin Jinlan Short Story Award, and the Wang Zengqi Literature Award. Her novels have regularly been listed among the annual rankings of the Chinese Fiction Society.


He Tongbin

Events: Words Across Borders

He Tongbin, born in 1981, is an essayist and literary critic. He is an associate professor of the School of Liberal Arts at Nanjing University, and editor of the Yangzi River Review. He is currently deputy chief editor of Zhong Shan magazine, a member of Chinese Writers Association and an invited researcher at the China Modern Literature Museum. His essay collections include The Floating Night Watchman, Rebuilding Youth and History is a Spiritual Disaster. He has won many awards such as The Literary Debates Annual Excellence Paper Award, the Zijin Mountain Literature Award, the Zijin Literary Criticism Award, the 14th Chinese Contemporary Literature Outstanding Achievement Award, and the Nanjing University Young Teachers' Humanistic Scientific Research Original Award.


Huang Fan

Events: Cultivating the Story Craft

Huang Fan was born in 1963 in rural Hubei province. He is a leading writer of fiction and poetry, known for his unflinching confrontation of contemporary issues in China with dry humor and dark lyricism. His fictional works include the novels The Eleventh Commandment, The Floating Colors, Until Youth Disappears; the short story collection Girls’ School Teacher and the essay collection, Chinese Wander. When his novel The Eleventh Commandment was serialised in's literary section, it received over 3 million hits and was rated one of two “must-read” novels for young people to read. His poetry collections in Chinese include Elegies of Nanjing, Selected Poems of a Decade and Moon Losing Sleeping. His poem 'Middle Age' was included in One Hundred Poems for One Hundred Years of Modern Poetry, and the editor of United Daily News called him the Mainland poet of most interest to the Taiwanese reader. His prizes include the Writer's Golden Prize for Short Story, the Zijin Mountain Literary Prize for a Long Story, the China Good Poetry Prize, the Beijing Literary Prize for Poetry and the Jinling Literary Prize for Poetry. Huang Fan’s works have been translated into English, Italian, German, Greek, French, Japanese, Farsi and Korean.


Huang Yuning

Events: Characters Keep the Pages Turning

Huang Yuning, born in 1975, is a writer, literary translator and a literary critic. She has published two novellas and several short stories in quality literature journals, as well as six essay anthologies. She is also the editorial director of Shanghai Translation Publishing House where she has overseen the translation of dozens of English titles into Chinese (including works by Ian McEwan, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hilary Mantel, Zadie Smith, Henry James and Agatha Christie).

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