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General/Media Enquiries

Peter Goff

Chengdu Event Enquiries


Beijing Event Enquiries

Nancy Bai
Tel: 186-1814-1602

Zoe Xie
Tel: 137-2864-8384

Beijing venues

San Lian Bookshop

F1 Building D Tsinghua Tongfang Hi-Tech Plaza

Tel: (010) 82366970

One Way Street Library

F1 Building D Cultural and Creative Park, Shang 8,
Graduate School of Social Sciences Academy,

Tel: (010) 8417 7266

The Bookworm

Sanlitun South Street, Courtyard No. 4

Tel: (010) 65032050 / 186-1814-1602 / 137-2864-8384

Chengdu venues

Fang Suo Commune

M68-70 Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Tel: (028) 86586858

The Bookworm

Ren Min South Street No. 28, Yu Jie Dong Jie No. 2

Tel: 082-85520177 / 187-8191-4274 / 138-8089-0322

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