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The European Delegation to China is delighted to announce The Inaugural EU-China International Literary Festival.

The EU-China International Literary Festival will bring leading writers from all across the European Union to China in a celebration of books, writers and readers. European and Chinese writers will gather to showcase their combined wealth of literary talents, discuss their craft, and share ideas and experiences.


Dear Friends,

We are delighted to introduce to you the inaugural EU-China International Literary festival, which brings together a number of exceptional Chinese and European authors to participate in a series of literary events in Beijing and Chengdu from November 21-27, 2017.

The eight prominent European authors selected to represent their countries at this historic event hail from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Slovakia, and we are proud to be joined by some wonderful writers from all across China to engage with them in this cross-cultural initiative. In both Beijing and Chengdu, the EU-China International Literary Festival will involve a series of literary events and discussions featuring novelists, poets and short-story writers who will showcase some leading European and Chinese literary talents, where they can exchange ideas, engage with readers and audiences, and celebrate the diversity of European and Chinese culture.

The EU-China International Literary Festival is a project devised by the Delegation of the European Union to China as part of the #ExperienceEurope initiative. This initiative is a two-year EU public diplomacy programme, aimed at Chinese audiences, inviting them to learn more about the European Union, its policies, values and cultural diversity, and to experience Europe more directly.

Over the coming 18 months a second and third EU-China International Literary Festival will be arranged with a view to welcoming authors from all the EU member states to China, and to connecting with Chinese authors and audiences in different regions across the country. We encourage you to subscribe to our social media platforms to enable you to keep abreast of these exciting activities as they develop.

We would like to thank all our partners who made this event happen, particularly the embassies of the EU member states, the various participating venues in Beijing and Chengdu, and of course the wonderful writers from Europe and China who will grace this inaugural stage.

Hans Dietmar Schweisgut, Ambassador of the European Union to China

Upcoming Events

Embracing the Literary Muse

Speakers: Zhou Kai, Zhang Ni, Dimitrios Stefanakis, Zuzana Kepplová, Richard Obermayr
How do writers find and nurse their muse? Where and how can authors extract inspiration from the daily world around them? What moves them as writers – physically, emotionally, psychologically?…

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Baring Society’s Shadow and Soul: Literary Ways and Means

Speakers: Zhang Yueran, Isabelle Wery, Dimitrios Stefanakis
There are many ways to bare society’s shadow and soul through written work and tonight’s talented panelists all take very different approaches. China’s Zhang Yueran displays it through her award-winning…

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Poetic Voices: Art that Unites Pleasure with Truth

Speakers: Guy Helminger, Yi Lei, Marius Burokas, Liu Li Duo
Poetry is said to be the art that unites pleasure with truth; interior, rhythmical creations that can travel the globe casting questions, expressions and emotions. Guy Helminger, a poet, playwrite…

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