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Romania – Ana-Maria Negrilă


Ana-Maria Negrilă is a Romanian writer, translator, and literary critic. She published several collections of short stories: The Hidden City (2005), The Song of Dawn and When worlds collapse (2015). Her first novel, The Emperor of Ice (2005), was awarded the Colin Prize for Science Fiction (2008) and was later translated into Hungarian (Jégcsászár, 2019).


In 2016, the first volume of the science fiction series Stellarium (Kingdom of Lost Souls) was published, followed a few months later by the second volume, The Stellar Ascension. The series ended in 2019 with the Agents of Chaos, a novel which received the Colin Literary Award in 2021.  She is also an avid reader and channelled her passion for folklore and medieval literature into writing the first volume of the fantasy novel The Master of Shadows, and in 2021 a historical fiction novel, The Four Mirrors of Truth. The second book of The Master of Shadows will be released at the Gaudeamus Book Fair, in November 2022. She is also a non-fiction writer and has published articles on a variety of topics ranging from history and education to social and gender studies.




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