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Poetry: an invisible but perceivable painting


Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Painting is a poem that can be seen outside of perception, and poetry is an invisible but perceivable painting.

Noemi Laszlo, a writer from Hungary said that each one of us is an angel blessed by God. People will eventually come to realize the wings that they have been gifted with. Take herself as an example. She always walks down the road, observing closely a dropping coin or a piece of leaf. She has found herself with a pair of wings for poetry given by God throughout walking. For her, poetry is separated from life. Life is filled with various chores for her to attend to and sometimes the reality can suffocate her. Poetry to her is like water to fish. She would need the water and oxygen provided by poetry. Among all of her creation, the most wanted expression of poet is freedom.

Slovenian poet Ales Steger told us that poetry is everything to him. He has been pursuing the harmony between himself and his poetry. Each creation urges him to blend into the poetry. His life is poetry and vice versa. For him, Chinese poetry is more rhythmically beautiful and better to read. No matter in which language, all poetry is heart-and-soul commanding. To fully understand a poem, one has to ponder on the feeling of the poet and try to empathize this that feeling. He said that it’s like working out. Repeated practice of observation about surroundings will sharpen the sensory of a poet. Some are born natural while others grow to become a poet.

Chinese writer Su Ye preferred that life is separated from poetry. He liked to express the sad feelings in poetry. He believed that the value of a poem lies in recreation. Poets are not necessarily confident or have to please anyone but have this privilege to womb the poetry of their own. Another Chinese poet Tao Wenyu likened the poetry to first love that didn’t end up with marriage. First love or wife, they are both women, so in fact they are integrated and part of his life. That’s why he thought that life and poetry are interdependent. Happiness and freedom are the main stream of his poetry.

On this rainy afternoon, four authors came together to take a break and release the burden of life and pay farewell to the grudge of their own. Accompanied by affectionate reading of poetry, a portrait of Garden of Eden was accomplished in our mind. This should be the enchantment of poetry.