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Finland – Hannu Rajaniemi


Hannu Rajaniemi (born 9 March 1978) is a Finnish author of science fiction and fantasy, who writes in both English and Finnish. At the age of eight he approached the European Space Agency with a fusion-powered spaceship design, which was received with a polite “thank you” note. Hannu studied mathematics and theoretical physics at University of Oulu and Cambridge and holds a PhD in string theory from the University of Edinburgh. Hannu is the author of The Quantum Thief. One of his recent books is Summerland (June 2018), an alternate history spy thriller in a world where the afterlife is real. His other works include Invisible Planets: Collected Fiction, a short story collection. Early works included his first published short story Shibuya no Love in 2003 and his short story Deus Ex Homine, a 2005 anthology of Scottish science fiction and fantasy, which caught the attention of his current literary agent, John Jarrold. Rajaniemi lives in San Francisco, California with his wife. Before moving to the U.S., he lived in the United Kingdom for over ten years.


The Quantum Thief




The Fractal Prince




The Causal Angel




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Interview | Hannu Rajaniemi


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