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EU-China-litfest 25: Diverse Genres, Translations and Cultivating Literary Scenes

Horia Garbea (Romania), Stanley Chen (China)

Saturday, December 5. 7 pm Beijing Time

Today we are joined by two leading talents who are both playing a role in their respective countries to develop their literary scenes; first and foremost, through their own award-winning writing but then also via the art of translation – introducing exciting international voices in different genres to readers in their languages – and by curating projects and building networks and support mechanisms for the writers in their community. Acclaimed Romanian author Horia Garbea has written poetry, short stories, novels, criticism and stage plays. He has also translated numerous stage plays and has had a long-term involvement in this country’s writers union. Chen Qiufan (A.K.A. Stanley Chan) is an internationally renowned author of speculative fiction, a translator and curator, and has been a very influential figure in contemporary Chinese speculative and science fiction genres. Horia Garbea and Stanley Chan will discuss their own recent writing, the role translation has played on their respective literary scenes, and the development of communities of writers in their countries.

How to Join the Online Event:

Zoom Webinar ID: 677 7140 6519 (click to register)     or     scan the WeChat QR code