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EU-China-litfest 26: The Writer’s Life

Dimitar Hristov (Bulgaria), Wen Zhen (China)

Sunday, December 6. 5 pm Beijing Time

What consumes a writer’s time, energy and passion from the moment they rise till the time it comes to return to bed? How do they divide their time and decide when to write, when to travel, when to research, when to pursue other interests like translating, editing, teaching? Where do they find time for family and friends, and where do they find fallow time after their creative outbursts? In this gathering we invite two prolific writers to discuss their writing lives, Dimitar Hristov from Bulgaria and Wen Zhen from China. Dimitar Hristov is a poet, playwright and literary translator who has won a number of national and international literary awards. He is also very active in the Union of Bulgarian Writers. Wen Zhen is an acclaimed writer of fiction, essays, and poetry, and she has won many awards for her work, including the Lao She Literature Prize. (This event will be in Bulgarian and Chinese.)

How to Join the Online Event:

Zoom Webinar ID: 675 9754 2924 (click to register)     or     scan the WeChat QR code