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Emanuele Trevi was born in Rome in 1964. He is a writer and literature critic. Son of Mario Trevi, a Jungian psychoanalyst, he has written several papers and edited editions of the classics. He was creative director of the publisher Fazi and he also edited an anthology with Marco Lodoli. Trevi has written many critical essays on poets and writers, including a work on the poet Pietro Tripodo which won the Sandro Onofri Prize. At the moment, he is working for Rai 3 Radio on the programme Lucifer. Trevi was in the jury of several literary awards, and he has written for magazines including Il Caffè Illustrato and Nuovi Argomenti, and various national newspapers, including La RepubblicaLa Stampa, and Il Manifesto.



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Rome, in the early nineties. A writer in his thirties, cynical and naive, finds work in an archive, the Fund Pier Paolo Pasolini, where he meets a shrewish old woman called Laura Betti. The encounter with the mad heroine of this book, a spiritual heir of the Friulian poet, is an encounter with Pasolini himself. Meanwhile, a hidden story in Petrolio, the unfinished novel by Pasolini, becomes a guide to the disenchantment of our time and the mysteries of life. Qualcosa di scritto tells the story of a farewell to adolescence and an entire era, and explores the eternal secrets of life.



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