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Emilios Solomou was born in 1971 in Nicosia and grew up in his native village of Potami. He studied history and archaeology at the University of Athens. He also studied journalism in Cyprus and worked as a journalist for a daily newspaper for some years. He is now a teacher of Greek and history in a public high school. In addition, he is a member of the editorial board of the literary magazine Anef, and he has served as a member of the executive board of the Union of Cyprus Writers. For the novel An Axe in Your Hands (2007), he was awarded the Cyprus State Prize for Literature. His novel Like a sparrow, He swiftly flew was translated recently and published in Bulgaria. Many of his short stories were published in literary magazines and some were translated into English and Bulgarian.




Hate is half of revenge (Publisher: Psychogios, 2015)
The diary of an infidelity (Publisher: Psychogios, 2012), EUPL
An axe in your hands (Anef, 2007) Cyprus State Prize for Literature
Like a sparrow, He swiftly flew (2003)


Books for children
The scarecrow (revised edition, Publisher: Patakis, 2018)
The river (Publisher: Patakis, 2020)



EUPL Year 2013 | Winning Book



Yiorgos Doukarelis, an archaeologist and professor at the University of Athens, returns to an island in the Small Cyclades, Koufonisi, 20 years after the excavation that made him famous and changed his life forever. At that excavation, he discovered the prehistoric remains of a young pregnant woman murdered 5000 years ago. They gave her the name Kassiopi. During this trip, he had an affair with one of his students, Antigoni. They got married after Yiorgos’ divorce from his former wife Maria. He returns to the island, six months after Antigoni disappeared mysteriously. The order and the routine of his daily life are destroyed. He is left with his memories and the only person close to him, his daughter Ismini. Going around the island, passing by the places he lived during the time of the excavation and meeting people from the past, he also wanders amongst his memories, exploring the secret ties that connect him with the three women of his life, moving from the present to the past. This is a second excavation for him, an excavation into the deepest places of his soul. He tries to remember and put in order all that happened during that summer which had a decisive impact on his life. In his fantasy, Doukarelis goes back to the prehistoric times of Kassiopi, recreating the story of the murdered pregnant young woman. At the end, he learns that his wife Antigoni was found murdered, after being raped and kept for some time as a prisoner by a man. Doukarelis immediately leaves the island that connected him with the destiny of the three women who played such decisive roles in his life: Kassiopi, the mortal remains of the prehistoric past, Maria, the woman from the past, and Antigoni from the present. This diary of an infidelity is also a novel about time, destruction, memory and love, which balances the present and the past.



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