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EU-China-litfest 19: A Tale of Two Cities and Two Genres

Laimonas Briedis (Lithuania), Zhou Kai (China)


Sunday, November 29. 12 noon Beijing Time

Today we are joined by two acclaimed writers who both put a city under the microscope in recent books they researched and wrote, with Laimonas Briedis producing the best-selling, non-fiction Vilnius: City of Strangers (published in Chinese by Beijing: New Star Press), while Zhou Kai released his extremely successful historical fiction title Moss, which brings us back to the city of Leshan during the Qing Dynasty. Laimonas Briedis is a Lithuanian writer and scholar of history, literature and the geographical imagination of Lithuania. Vilnius: City of Strangers surveys the history of European culture through the changing cultural and linguistic landscape of the Lithuanian capital. Zhou Kai, from Leshan in Sichuan, published his deeply researched historical novel Moss in 2019, a book that centres around the Qing Dynasty city of Jiading, modern day Leshan. Laimonas Briedis and Zhou Kai will discuss their recent work, their research and writing processes, and how they brought these two cities to life on the page.

How to Join the Online Event:

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