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Horia Gârbea

Born 10 August 1962 in Bucharest, Romania. Civil engineer, PhD graduated from 1999. He is teaching as professor at the Environmental Engineering Faculty from Bucharest. Many literary books published after Romanian Revolution (1989): poems, short stories, two novels, criticism and 16 plays of theatre. He translated also into Romanian many plays by: W. Shakespeare (A Middsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venise, Henry VI, Richard III, Macbeth etc.), Jacques Copi, Pierre Corneille, N. Machiavelli, Dario Fo, Eduardo de Filippo, Tennessee Williams, Marivaux, Normand Chaurette, Arthur Kopit etc. He got many literary prizes. He was the President of Writers Association of Bucharest from 2003 to 2013, and now he is the president of Bucharest-Poetry part of Writers Union of Romania. He is working also for Luceafarul de Dimineaţă, weekly literary magazin from Bucharest.