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Sweden – Ina Rosvall



Ina Rosvall is a critically acclaimed author of sci-fi books Harungen (The Young Hare) and Livbärarna (In vivo). She works as a clinical psychologist in Sweden. Her most recent novel, Livbärarna, is set in a world where technical advances have made pregnancy redundant. Babies are harvested from artificial wombs without the medical risks of birth. The novel unfolds in the resistance: an obscure farm where women secretly gather to give birth. The book is an exploration of the raw experience of creating life and its existential implications.




Harungen, her debut novel, explores the physical aspects of consciousness. The narrator of Harungen is a scientist performing animal experiments to document neurological reactions to various aspects of life: feeding, resting, running, dying. She codes these experiences into a large hive mind, a being that incorporates everything: the vast intelligence of a flying crow, the slow closed mind of a worm.


The author became interested in the fabric of life: the body and the brain after her father was severely ill and near death. It was a harsh awakening to the fact that without the body, we are nothing. It made the author want to explore the body and its boundaries. What is this human brain, and what can we perceive with it? If we could leave it, where would we go?




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