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Netherlands- Mineke Schipper

Mineke Schipper is a multi-award-winning Dutch author of academic books, essays and novels. For her internationally acclaimed non-fiction book Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet: Women in Proverbs from Around the World she received the Eureka Award in 2005 for best non-fiction book. In this ground-breaking work, Mineke Schipper presents thousands of proverbs about women, originating from hundreds of languages and more than 150 countries. Those vivid and earthy proverbs reflect women’s phases of life: from girl to bride, to wife or co-wife; from mother to mother-in-law, widow and grandmother; the joys and sorrows of love, sex, and childbearing; women’s work, their talents, and their power. It has been translated all over the world and new translations continue to appear. Among her other books are Naked or Covered: A History of Dressing and Undressing Around the World, and her latest title Hills of Paradise: A History of Power and Powerlessness, which considers how and why the female body has been desired, admired, used and abused since time immemorial. Five of her books have been translated into Chinese, including Hills of Paradise: A History of Power and Powerlessness, which will be published by Guangxi Normal University Press.

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