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China – Yin Jianling

Yin Jianling is a writer of children’s literature. She started publishing works at the age of 18, and has published books such as Paper Man, Ye Mang Po, Childhood in the Moon Tea House, Wheat on Wheels, Thousands of Tomorrows, Sakura in the Wind, Sweetheart Millet, series etc., the collection of essays Love-Grandma and Me, To the Future You-Fifteen Letters to Girls, To the Growing You-Fifteen Letters of Youth, Interview with Childhood and collections of poems, comments, etc. There is a series of works such as “Yin Jianling Children’s Literature Hardcover Collection” (15 volumes). She won the National Outstanding Children’s Literature Award, the Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award, the Bing Xin Book Award, the 2015 “China Good Book”, the “Good Book Everyone Read” Best Children’s Book Award in Taiwan, China, the Bing Xin Prose Award, and the Shanghai Early Childhood Literature Award First prize, Shanghai Literature Award, etc., nominated for the 2013 and 2014 International Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Some of her works are translated into English, Japanese, Korean, French, Swedish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Persian, Maltese, etc.