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China-He Xi


He Xi, born in 1971, is one of the most well-known science fiction writers in China. He published his debut One Crazy Night in 1991. He has won the Galaxy Award (the highest honor for science fiction writing in China) 17 times and the Chinese Nebula Award multiple times. Many of his works are about the future of macro science and how humanity reacts to it. Some of his better-known works are: The Doomed YearNatural Born TalentWho am INever Meet Again, and The Six Paths of Lives. He Xi’s works focus on the discussion of the future of macro science and the good and evil of human nature, closely integrating science fantasy with social reality, and involving various topics such as human nature exploration, cosmic adventure, time travel, parallel time and space, etc. He uses writing to continue his quest for the eternal propositions of time and space, and leads readers to imagine the vast galaxy with engaging stories.


The Doomed Year



Sad People



No Mercy 



Writing Sample

Interview | He Xi


13 Sep. Live |Human Nature, Fantasy, Social Reality and the Supernatural

Streaming: Tuesday, September 13, 7pm Beijing time

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