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EU-China-litfest 16: Good Versus Evil: Challenging Stereotypes and Challenging Children

Evgene Trivizas (Greece), Cao Wenxuan (China)

Friday, November 27. 7.30 pm Beijing Time

To encourage children to fully engage with literature writers are aware they have to be constantly striving to challenge young readers, deliver the unexpected, hit on themes that truly resonate, and avoid clichés and stereotypes. To discuss their own approaches to these challenges we are joined today by two highly respected authors, Evgene Trivizas from Greece and Cao Wenxuan from China. Evgene Trivizas, who is also a renowned criminologist, is the author of more than 200 books for children, including the international best-seller The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig in which the wolves are the good guys. Cao Wenxuan is the first Chinese author to win the prestigious Hans Christian Anderson Award for children’s writing and his best-selling books have been hugely popular with children in China and internationally for many years. Evgene Trivizas and Cao Wenxuan will discuss some of their work, their own literary approaches, and how they continually engage and challenge children with their writing.

How to Join the Online Event:

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