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EU-China-litfest 15: A Novel Approach: Experimenting with Language, Form and Style

Marco Missiroli (Italy), Zheng Xiaolv (China)

Thursday, November 26. 7.30 pm Beijing Time

We invite two critically acclaimed writers to this event to discuss their own novels and how they experiment with language, form and style to create unique and gripping narrative worlds for readers to explore. We will be joined by Marco Missiroli, a best-selling Italian author whose work has been translated into more than 30 countries around the globe. His acclaimed novel Fidelity, currently being made into a Netflix limited series, will be published in China next spring by Archipel Press. Zheng Xiaolv, who hails from Hunan province, has won many high-profile awards for his works, which include the novels Go to Dong Ting and The Disappearing Daughter. His writing has appeared in translation across Europe and Asia. Moderated by Riccardo Moratto. (This event will be in Italian and Chinese.)

How to Join the Online Event:

Zoom Webinar ID: 648 4035 1201 (click to register)     or     scan the WeChat QR code