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Walking on dunes by Kateřina Rudčenková

Walking on dunes Even though you were moved by the abrupt shade of green of trees and grass and pine-tree undergrowth   even though you were moved by this summer’s nostalgia of smoke burning grass and grilled fish   even though you were moved by the children who, as yet innocent of the restrictions of   …Continue Reading

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Dimitar Hristov

PASSION Do not cling to me, Be yourself.   Lovers are not Siamese twins.   Do not afraid be ever to stay Alone with your love.   It’s definitely better, Than not to love at all.   Do not turn the lovers’ nest Into a prison.     Will you patch the sails tightly? I   …Continue Reading

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In the Shadow of Rooster Hill, by Osvalds Zebris

Day One: Redemption   A stooping, thickset old man strode with wide steps from the side of the Dvinsk railway track. His somewhat oversized head bent, panting heavily and irregularly, he crossed the splendid square of the new station, then the street – the hard snow, packed down by the many passers-by, crunched under the   …Continue Reading

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Anni’s Things, by Anti Saar

Grandma’s Hair Anni has Grandma’s hair. But Anni no longer has her grandma. How can that be? Grandma got very sick, passed away, and was buried in a cemetery. It happened a long time ago, when Anni was still in her mommy’s belly. When Anni was born, she started growing fast and right away. Anni’s   …Continue Reading

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Happiness Is A Bean, by Teresa Präauer

I recently received a dark brown-black bean from a long-time friend, which he dug out of his pocket and handed me with the words: This is a lucky bean. He smiled mischievously and a bit like you know it from people who have the mischief in the neck. But more than that, the gift was   …Continue Reading

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This Banyan Tree, by Albert Marshall

This Banyan Tree this banyan tree as old as generations before the oldest dynasty it knows rituals from bamboo annals of the divine rites of the yellow king of slavery of nobility and under the umbrella of this tree of mysteries I took shelter in the chambers of echoing millennia and I ate the roots   …Continue Reading

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