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Maxim Grigoriev, born in 1980, is an author, critic and translator from Russian into Swedish. He was born in Moscow, Russia, where he grew up until he moved to Sweden as a teenager. He made his debut with a collection of short stories, Städer (Cities), which was awarded the esteemed Borås Tidning Prize for debut authors. In 2016, he published his first novel, Nu (Now). He regularly writes for the Swedish magazine Axess and for Svenska Dagbladet, the second largest newspaper in Sweden. Grigoriev has also translated Russian authors such as Olga Slavnikova and Venedikt Yerofeyev into Swedish. He has previously lived in Berlin and Porto but currently resides in Paris with his wife and their two children.



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When Nikita was 14 years old, he escaped from Moscow to Paris. Now he is a middle-aged man, overweight and exhausted. On the balcony of a stranger’s apartment in Nice, he stands looking out over the winter sea. Nina was his only friend. In the emigrant’s pessimistic consciousness, the timelines intertwine. The city becomes a mere memory. The romantic dream of a cosmopolitan Europe slowly falls apart, while the city of his childhood, Moscow, becomes increasingly attractive and shimmering. Maxim Grigoriev’s Europe is a new kind of novel about exile, a reckoning with nostalgia and homesickness. It is also a hate-filled hymn to the centuries-long history of Russian emigration, with the misanthropic graphomaniac, philosopher and failed terrorist Nina at its centre.



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