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Born in 1978 in the border town of Didymoteicho, she grew up in Thessaloniki and studied economics at Bard College and Brandeis University in the United States, and film at the Stavrakos Film School in Athens.
Papadaki works as a professional screenwriter. September, her first feature script, won the International Balkan Fund Script Development Award in 2010, received a Nipkow scholarship in Berlin, and premiered at the 48th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (official competition). Rivers is her second feature film script, currently in development.



EUPL Year 2017 | Winning Book


When Minnie’s teenage troublemaker brother goes missing, her Puerto Rican mother dies of sadness. The Campanis family decides to take Minnie in: Susan, the ex-hippy mother; Basil, the second-generation Greek-American stepfather; and Leto, Minnie’s classmate and Susan and Basil’s only daughter. Minnie’s arrival makes unattended family scars flare up again. Δενδρίτες (Dendrites) is the third book by Kallia Papadaki, who works as a film scriptwriter. Adolescents and adults in crisis-ridden 1980s Camden, New Jersey, must deal with hard times, as action gains perspective through flashbacks to previous generations of Greek and other American immigrants. Dendrites is a term used to describe a form of snowflake, and like snowflakes, Minnie and Basil, Leto and Susan, and the cast of other characters in the book, are unique and beautiful as they swirl in the air and melt away. This is a novel about wanting to belong, despite personal and collective crises; a story about immigration and its quest for a meaningful life; a tale of lost second chances, failed marriages, and broken careers; a book about how big dreams, small gestures, and unspoken words can create minute cracks that bring down walls, buildings and lives. It is also a story about hope and compassion to be found in the least-expected places. Some cracks come from family history; others from current decisions. There is a crack in everything. But, as Leonard Cohen has said, that’s how the light gets in.



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