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Brave to try, Persist to the style , Writing while learning

Brave to try, Persist to the style , Writing while learning
Time :November 24 16:00 – 17:30
Place: Enclave Bookshop
Moderator: Poet Li Songzhang (China)
Guest: Playwright and novelist Antonis Georgiou (Cyprus)
Author and screenwriter Doina Rusti ( Romania )
Award-winning poet Du Lulu(China)
Literary editor and poet Zhang Er (China)

At this event, four critically acclaimed writers considered their own writing and how they experiment with language,form and style to create unique and compelling texts for readers to immerse themselves in.

As the moderator said ,people are gathering here today are smart. It is admirable that Doina Rusti spent three months learning English for this event. She learned Greek and Latin and her mother was writer of Asian literature so she learned writing through myth and ancient literature. She reckons that fiction is different from reality so she also learns from other writers until her work Zogru that her writing reached new stage. She took some examples for language experiment, such as the metaphor wine for sea and diamond etc.She felt the limit for perspective when writing. Usually it’s better for readers to have first person perspective but her previous works were in third person perspective so she had a new try for first person in her latest work, which was adapted to be a movie on Netflix.

Antonis Georgiou said although due to historical reasons, Cyprus culture is mixed by Turkish and Greek but the literature could be different. He insisted writing in local language even though it’s more often used in daily communication but not recognized by being used in Literature. He still thinks in the way, it’s more familiar to express the feelings.In addition, his book An Album of Stories,was awarded EU prize for Literature. When asked to introduce this book, he said his inspiration was from his Malta friend’s story so the collection of similar stories started. It’s an experiment for him to put photos and it was an open end in the book though readers might forget part of the stories but he views similar photos as a reflection of similar stories too.

Du lulu, a Chinese poet born in Anhui was skeptical about literature and learned from writers including Dickens. Until her 20, she wrote something after a trip which was considered as poem by her poet friends and commented by her friends that her dual personalities made her fit in the role as a poet. She restarted writing after giving birth and started to think how to write poem. While she is at the stage now focusing more on techniques and she thinks it’s necessary to go through the process. Instead of easy drinking and writing from people’s view with prejudice, poet has challenge to create.This opinion won the moderator’s agreement that writing could be unconscious at the beginning like jumping into the water without fear but you would eventually realized the gap and lack of skills and techniques once you are in this area for a while.

When asked that whether there’s a conflict for being both a writer and the founder of Enclave bookshop, Zhang Er said it is meaningful that he could realized the dream of having a bookstore for many literature lovers and so many people came here to discuss about literature just like today. Back to the topic, he thinks language is the only material for poet and it’s a creativity comparing with the daily language form. Taking an example of a poem from his hometown Anhui when he was in high school, the poet wrote fly instead of mosquitoes and used “curse ’’ instead of slapping it. This made him realized poem can use impossible words to have new meanings and wondered if poet should have an experiment in language and style so that readers can have different reading experience. He also mentioned an American poet who writes in not organized order which could be an experiment for style.Anyway, poem’s style keeps changing and a poet should be alert and flexible as a ping pong player to handle the languages or style.

The audience expressed their appreciation for the guests’ wonderful talk in the end. For the experiment on language and style,our guests showed us their braveness to try and persistence to it while learning .

/ 时间 / :11月24日 16:00 – 17:30
地点: 深圳 福田区 深圳市福田区八卦三路423栋6楼东1-12飞地书局
/ 主持人 / :散文家、诗人李松璋
/ 对谈嘉宾/ :
塞浦路斯诗人、剧作家、小说家 Antonis Georgiou
罗马尼亚作家、编剧 Doina Rusti


正如主持人李松璋所说聚在这里都是聪明的人,让人值得敬佩的是,罗马尼亚当代作家Doina Rusti为此次活动学习了三个月英语。她曾经学习拉丁语,希腊语,母亲曾是亚洲文学作家,她通过中国和古希腊神话故事来学习写作。Doina认为现实与虚构小说非常不同,她也学习其他作家作品写作技巧,直到作品《Zogru》才进入写作新阶段。作为一名小说家,她有时感到人称限制了创作,以往大多采用第三人称,而第一人称更为贴近读者,因此最新作品《危险的菜肴》试验性地采用了第一人称。这部作品改编成了在Netflix上映的电影,当时按照制片人的要求改编也是一种新尝试。

塞浦路斯作家、诗人、剧作家 Antonis Georgiou提到在塞浦路斯,土耳其文化与希腊文化碰撞,但还是有所不同,尽管有些人当地语言多适用于日常沟通,应用在文学中不被喜爱,但他还是坚持用当地语言写作,因为只有这样才能更好熟悉地表达,也许这也是一种试验。
他的《故事集》荣获 2016 年欧盟文学奖,应主持人邀请介绍,他说当初写作起源于马耳他朋友的故事,于是开始收集相似的故事,虽然读者可能看照片会忘记故事,但是他觉得相似的照片也可以反映故事。另外出版社发现这部作品是开放式结尾,无终止符等,应该也算一种试验。

出生在安徽的诗人杜绿绿,小时候对文学持怀疑态度后来二十多岁出游有感而写即是诗,诗人朋友说双面人格的她适合做诗人,也曾阅读托尔斯泰、 狄更斯等作家作品来学习,暂停了一段时间重新创作后才真正思考如何去写诗。人们的误解是以为诗人在酒醉后就能写诗,但其实这个过程也是艰巨的,如果还没达到精湛的水平,锤炼技术还是重要的。也是诗人的李松璋诗人表示赞同,在无意识创作的阶段就像游泳无畏惧地跳下水,然而在这个领域呆久了会意识到自己的差距和技术不足。