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Romania – Andrea H. Hedeș

Andrea H. Hedeș is a poet, writer, literary critic and publisher, member of the Romanian Writers Union from Romania.
She has a degree in Cultural Studies at the Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She founded and she runs NEUMA Publishing House (2014) and NEUMA Literary Magazine (2017) in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Starting with 2010 she has column of literary cronicles in the most important literary magazines in Romania. Since 2021 she is also the Editorial General Secretary of Steaua literary magazine.
Her Debut volume, The book of Butterflies (2008) has been awarded with the Debut Prize of Limes Publishing House. It was followed by Arrhythmias, poetry, 2015 (the Andrei Mureșanu Prize for Poetry); Harsh Ours, poetry, 2017, (the George Coșbuc Prize for Poetry); To the Most Beautiful One. Seven Years of Literary Chronicles, 2018; Stories from the other shore (short stories) 2019 (Luceafărul de Dimineață Literary Magazine Prize for Proze).

Book cover of Stories from the other shore


A Meeting on Hazard Street (novel), 2020, Once Upon a Time (fairy tales), 2021.

Book cover of A Meeting on Hazard Street


She was awarded with multiple national awards for literary criticism. Her literary work was published in literary magazines and anthologies in Albania, China, Turkey, Vietnam.


Writing Sample: The Fishing

Interview with Andrea H. Hedeș