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Latvia- Ilze Jansone

Ilze Jansone, born in 1982, in Cēsis, Latvia, now lives in Rīga, capital city of Latvia. She has a doctoral degree in theology, and she has worked in the University of Latvia as a senior researcher until 2018. For now, she is a full-time writer. She published long-story Behind the Glass (2006), collection of short stories Goodbye, Feminism (2013), and is an author of four novels – Insomnia (2010), The Only One (2015), Things of Men (2020) and Invoice of Time (2021).


Book cover of Insomnia


Book cover of The Only One

In 2010, her short story “Saga about Aladin” was published in Slovenian in journal “Dialogi”, but in 2018, her short story “Wonderful New Latvia” was published in English in collection of short stories “Book of Riga” (Comma Press, 2018). She has also published research papers about modern literature and religion, as well as reviews on Latvian literature. The main focus of her fiction is narratives about human’s attitude towards religion, their religious crisis, various existential dilemmas, freedom, human’s place in the world and questions about meaning of life. Ilze Jansone is a member of Latvian Writer’s Union.


Writing Sample:Things of Men

Interview with Ilze Jansone