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China- Lan Lan

Lan Lan, poet, writer of fairy tales and essayist. Born in Yantai, Shandong in 1967. She began to publish her works in her youth, and has published 19 poems such as Dreams and Dreams, Poems, World’s Ferry, Returning from the Muse Valley, River and Sea Ballads and Lyre, and published English poems The Gorge in the Body, and others, as well as the Russian poetry collection The Cup of Singing, and the Spanish poetry collection The Poet’s Work will be published soon; 17 collections of essays, fairy tales and children’s poems have been published. Her works have been translated and published in more than ten languages. Her literary awards include The 4th International Poetry Award for Poetry and People, Outstanding Contribution Award for Chinese Women’s Poetry, Yuan Kejia Poetry Award, Su Shi Poetry Award, Chinese Media Literature Poet of the Year Award, China Outstanding Children’s Literature Award, etc. In 2014, she was awarded an honorary citizen by the city of Chios, Homer’s hometown in Greece. She is also a resident poet of Renmin University of China and a visiting professor of Huanghe University of Science and Technology.