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Albert Marshall

Albert Marshall’s Pre-Festival Interview


Albert Marshall has distinguished himself as a theatre and television director, playwright, poet and TV presenter in a career spanning over 50 years. His literary and theatrical career started during the 1960s. Marshall worked in the Maltese electronic media and the theatre until 1980, when he emigrated to Australia. In Melbourne, he spent 15 years working in Australian radio, theatre and television. He is the first Maltese national to direct at the Sydney Opera House. On his return to Malta in 1996, Marshall was engaged by the University of Malta as a lecturer in Communication Studies and led the Distance Learning Programme at University Radio.

Marshall’s literary works have been extensively published in Australia, Canada and Malta. In 2019, he published Poeziji 1964–2019, a collection of his best poetry written over a span of 55 years. He is currently working on the publication of a collection of his works for the theatre. His most recent publication is Six Chinese Lanterns, a trilingual collection of poems inspired by a cultural trip to the province of Guangxi.


Interview with Albert Marshall

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