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The Second EU-China International Literary Festival Blossoms in Suzhou

ModernExpress, May 27th, 2018

This article, released both online and in print of the lifestyle section of the Modern Express, announces that the 2ndEU-China International Literary Festival has now entered Suzhou, bringing enlightening literary conversations to local literature lovers in Suzhou. The festival is part of the #ExperienceEurope campaign, aiming to bring diverse European experience to Chinese audiences.

SuZhouZhiNan, a leading Suzhou local lifestyle Weibo that boats over 336,000 followers, reposted a video of the Suzhou launch ceremony on 26 May under the same name (The Second EU-China International Literary Festival Blossoms in Suzhou). The video provided the audience a more direct view of the festival and presented how European and Chinese authors shared their stories and aspirations. The video also include interviews of audience members at the festival in addition to interviews with authors.

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