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Excerpt from the novel RAPTUS by Svetoslav Nahum

Excerpt from the novel RAPTUS by Svetoslav Nahum (Aka: Svet DiNahum). Excerpt contains the part in which a poem by the great ancient Chinese philosopher and poet Master Qu Yuan is cited. This Chinese wisdom serves for resolving the dramatic conflict in the novel “In connection with the complicated and asymmetric international situation…” He was   …Continue Reading

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Excerpts from Noemi Laszlo’s works

High Shadow   That first surgery wasn’t one. There stood mother, all I feared. After the fall I checked the wound, And I left it in the mirror’s memory.   I never made it all the way round morning. Sometimes noon would take till midnight. I hardly dared laugh. And by the time They extracted   …Continue Reading

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Excerpt from GREEN GLOWING SKULL by Gavin Corbett

Excerpt from GREEN GLOWING SKULL by Gavin Corbett   One Saturday afternoon when Jean Dotsy was a young child an American airplane came from over the border and scudded into the bog where her older brother Patrick did casual work on weekends. The pilot, a brown-haired man with a face that suggested he would go   …Continue Reading

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ANOTHER WOMAN(Excerpt) by Dace Vigante

Translator into English: Mārta Ziemelis   ANOTHER WOMAN   I was in third grade when I got up and solemnly announced that I didn’t have a father. I trembled on the inside when thirty pairs of surprised eyes looked at me. There was something between sympathy and doubt on the teacher’s face. “We need to   …Continue Reading

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Excerpts from Aleš Šteger’s works

Europe Even now you peddle the story of the Turks At the gates of Vienna, dismantling their tents only as a ruse. And how masquerading as kebab vendors Even now they’re only waiting for the right moment To leap out from their kiosks and cut your throats.   No matter that your tribes are lost   …Continue Reading

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Excerpt from Encuentro by Jaime Santirso

—You know, Robert, I’ve been reading “To Tomorrow” and I really liked it, but   Robert Gris came down to the hotel lobby an hour and a half late. When he appeared, his face was swollen due to lack of sleep and last night’s vodka. He wanted a bite to eat. As he headed to   …Continue Reading

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