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FRE_DOM (Excerpt) Majka (to Vera) I stood in the doorway to the Registrar’s Office and watched Mick reading the newspaper with his feet up on the window sill. The news from the world: while in the States two young people had got married during a marathon, in Cuba they’d begun constructing underground shelters, resulting in   …Continue Reading

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Dragonfly Thirds. Collected Poems.

From: Dragonfly Thirds. Collected Poems. Before the cup   As I woke the water in the tap there were only used coffee filters in front of me news from a plantation in the next world prayer grounds the harvest not worth beans  The morning was of a light roast and I thought you don’t need   …Continue Reading

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FROM THE CYCLE “ANNOTATED PHOTOGRAPHS”  powerlessness, vanity – i repeated   – the city was oppressed                  by a stone of heat   i cut down those words pulled out syntax’s cartilage ripped out the bones of phonemes   reality wavers language breaks into the throat with ache and lightning   – the city   …Continue Reading

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I’ve Learned Not to Be

From the book “Išmokau nebūti” (I’ve Learned Not to Be), 2011   In the city, quarantine and mourning. everyone waits for the snow.   on the facades, and in the streets–– an indelible hideousness.   witches have multiplied. they publish glitzy books about themselves.   shamans in the gateways peddle amulets, whose spells have long   …Continue Reading

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Hear the Frogs

Only at the close of the bathing season, when once again the vague atmospheres fade and the sweet perfumes wane and the sunny after­ noons shorten, the dawns that earlier were fresh and misty are humid and hazy, the sunsets are no longer flaming but dull and leaden etcetera etcetera, did Zuckermann start to cast   …Continue Reading

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CRAB Paolo Colagrande (p.5)   Brennero Trenazzi was called “Treasure” because it was the most frequent word he used. For example, Devid’s dog was called a treasure as some experts had offered money buy to it, which he refused because with his old age pension and inheritance he had plenty of money already.   His   …Continue Reading

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The Magic Square of the Number 12

There are different types of connections. Bondings. Between science and art. Europe and Asia. Land and sea. Youth and wisdom.   Villion   Villion is ten raised to the thousandth power, multiply larger than a million which was used by Marco Polo to illustrate the size of his Great Empire to Kublai Khan. As strong   …Continue Reading

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Days of Alexandria

“War and commerce are the two pillars of our civilisation.  I sometimes wonder how many of us would be here without them”, observed Elias Chouri, wishing to say something as they waited for the Special Advisor of the High Commission.

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Marilyn Deboned


From the sweetness of my 6-8 years, I write this first letter to you.
I do not yet know you.
I have never seen you.

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Das Fenster (The Window)

That summer, I discovered something I had not expected, something apparently intended only for me. One morning, the circus wagons were lined up in a semicircle on the lawn behind the old Burgher Hospital. The men were hard at work unloading the trucks and gathering the materials to pitch the tent.

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