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Miss Day-After-Tomorrow and the Game of Time, by Adina Rosetti

Miss Day-After-Tomorrow and the Game of Time

By Adina Rosetti
Translation: Adina Stanciu


Miss Day-After-Tomorrow’s Farce

Well, yes, one day, Miss Day-After-Tomorrow was getting bored. She went to the tower where lived the Wizard of Time, the one who watches over everything and who takes care of turning every Day the pointers of the giant clock from the top of the tower. (Since the beginning of Time, the Wizard never failed, not even a single time. And Time has always passed the same way. Not too fast and not too slow.)
– Come on, uncle, pleaseeeee, said Miss Day-After-Tomorrow, fawning. Make Time pass faster! I am tired of being so young and of living in the Future! I want to grow up and run into the Present, just to see what is happening there!
Even though she was his favourite niece and he enjoyed fulfilling her wishes, this time the old Wizard replied:
– This is impossible, my child! Everything has its own Time!
– But I want it, I want it, I want it! the little one yelled, stomping her feet like the spoiled girl she was. However, the Wizard did not pay attention to her anymore, as he did not like spoiled children one bit. Therefore, Miss Day-After-Tomorrow burst into tears and started running all across the three kingdoms.
Meanwhile, in the marshes of the smelly swamp, the Witch NeverNever was waiting for her moment of revenge. However, she did not dare to go out of her swamp, because there was always someone on guard at the borders of the three kingdoms. Therefore, most of the times she was happy mixing weeds in a cauldron and muttering words known only to her. Suddenly, she saw something like a coloured stain approaching her. That was Miss Day-After-Tomorrow hopping around in the mud, dirting her beautiful silk dress.
– What are you doing here, my child? The Witch NeverNever asked, with a sweet voice.
– Oh, my uncle is so obnoxious! He won’t let me play with Time!
– But who is your uncle? Is he perhaps His Majesty, the Wizard of Time? Is he the one with a long, down-to-the ground, white beard, who lives at the top of the tower?
Witch NeverNever was feeling in the wind the air the moment of revenge and she could hardly stop herself from giggling with excitement.
– Yes, yes, that it is exactly him!, Day-After-Tomorrow said, continuing to whine. I want to grow up faster and he won’t let me fast forward Time. He said ” Everything has its own Time!,” what a bunch of nonsense!
”Yeah, this is exactly what he told me before he drove me away! Now it is payback time!,“ the Witch whispered, smiling to herself.
– Look, Miss, there is no need for you to cry! Take this broth (and the Witch slipped a little bottle full of a gray-green liquor into her pocket) and every night pour a little bit in your uncle’s tea. That will make him fall asleep and then you will be able to cling yourself to those pointers of the giant clock. In this way you can move the Time back and forth, just as you please!
Day-After-Tomorrow left happy and hopeful, while the Witch remained in front of the pot with weeds, grinning and whispering her venomous words:

It will never rain with pink butterflies
The vacation will never come by train from France
Children will never grow wings
Time will never pass again as it should pass!

Said and done! Miss Day-After-Tomorrow listened to the malicious advice of Witch NeverNever without thinking even for a moment that she was doing a bad thing. Under the influence of the potion, The Wizard of Time fell asleep immediately, while she clinged by the pointers of the giant clock. Although the pointers were stiff and full of weeds and cobwebs, she managed to move them and to push them forward.

作者:Adina Rosetti
翻译:Adina Stanciu
嗯,是的,有一天,后天小姐觉得特别无聊。她前往那座生活着时间巫师的塔楼。巫师监视着世界上的所有事物,每天定时搬动塔顶上巨钟的指针。 (从时间伊始,巫师就没有出过差错,一次也没有。而时间,总是以一成不变的方式流逝。不会太快也不会太慢。)
– 但是我就要,我就要,我就要嘛!小小的人儿喊道,像个被宠坏的女孩儿一样跺着脚。然而,巫师不再理会她,因为他一点也不喜欢被宠坏的孩子。因此,后天小姐泪流满面,开始在三个王国中到处奔跑。
-是的,是的,这正是他!后天小姐说道,继续抱怨着。我想要长得更快一些,可他不让我加速时间。他说“一切都有自己的时间!”真是一堆废话! “是的,他在赶我走之前也是这么告诉我的!现在该让他尝尝被报复的滋味了!“女巫低声说,对自己微笑。
咒语说完了! 后天小姐听了永不永远巫婆的恶毒建议,她甚至完全不知道她做了一件坏事。在她触碰时钟指针时,时间巫师因为魔药的原因酣然入睡。虽然指针老旧,还布满了杂草和蜘蛛网,但她还是设法移动了它们并推动着它们前进。