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Entering the best state: cultivate a habit of creativity

Entering the best state: cultivate a habit of creativity 

Different ages throughout the life or different time during the day can make various mindset states for a writer.


Four authors joined the sharing. Colombe Schneck is gifted with unique writing content and style because of her multiple identifications. She is a novelist, a documentary director and a journalist. Bulgarian writer Svet Di Nahum graduated from American Institute of Philosophy, Southern Illinois State University and wrote some novels as well. His natural affinity and the experience of creating for sitcom enabled him to bring some laughter to the live site. Two poets from China, Lie Dewu and Xiao Hai illustrated their stories with literature and how it got them thinking about literature itself in a calm and deep tone.


Colombe said that she has been reading a lot since she was just a little girl, though the early experience didn’t actually inspire her to be a writer for career. Xiao Hai also shared the joy from reading. The fact that he always tried to express himself to others got people to say that he was gifted in literature. Li Dewu shared his unique opinion that a poet reaches his peak at his thirties or later, because the life experience that he has will come together to shape his creativity and mindset in a drastic way. By contrast, Svet’ s story seemed to tell us that each phase of life matters for a writer. During the time when writing still needed hand-writing or a typewriter, he set his foot on writing. By then, it had been time-consuming and complicated to contribute to publishers and wait for the feedback. He, however, received his feedback in a short notice and got his book published. This has become a turning point of his life which laid foundation for his writing in the future. He said that persistence is necessary to be a writer.


Some write early in the morning while others prefer to burn the midnight oil. Some gain inspiration from travelling or working out while others are triggered by normal errands. They write in a casual way or focus on writing for a period of time. All in all, four productive writers have their own private and personal habits as a writer or a poet. And in literature, they have their respective paths and the scenery that comes along but they share this responsibility of the world on their shoulders.